Brittany Broski praises Logan & Jake Paul for boxing prowess: “It’s a slay”

Brittany broski praises jake and logan paul boxing careerYouTube: Brittany_Broksi, IMPAULSIVE

TikTok star Brittany Broski admitted that Logan and Jake Paul’s commitment to influencer boxing was “kind of a slay,” despite still holding some criticisms against the pair.

YouTube stars Logan and Jake Paul are the posterboys for the current influencer boxing phenomenon, and are largely credited with its inception (with the addition of KSI and Joe Weller, of course).

The two first broke onto the boxing scene in 2018, when Logan first faced off against KSI and Jake Paul took on Deji, KSI’s little brother.

Since then, it’s been off to the races for both influencers. Jake continues to solidify himself as a full-time boxer, having taken five fights with five wins (four by knockout), while Logan has secured an official contract with the WWE.

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TikTok star, YouTuber, and ‘Kombucha Girl’ of viral internet fame, Brittany Broski, discussed the Paul brothers during an episode of her Violating Community Guidelines podcast with fellow star Sarah Schauer, where both gave props to the Pauls for their efforts.

“I don’t wanna give the Paul brothers some credit, but the fact that they’ve gotten so good at it, that they’re actual forces to be reckoned with, which is kind of crazy to me,” Schauer admitted.

“I knew both of them were athletic beforehand, but not to this extent where you can go toe-to-toe with an actual, professional boxer.”

“Yeah, I don’t want to give credit, but to take it seriously is a slay,” Broski laughed. “One thing about the Paul brothers: They slay!”

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Despite their praises, both hosts weren’t too sure about their feelings on Logan Paul’s shift from a hated internet figure to his current status as a matured and celebrated social media star.

“I feel like there’s something weird happening with Logan Paul,” Schauer added. “He’s suddenly becoming very progressive.”

“Yeah, dude, he rebranded,” Broski answered. “Because he was forced to.”

“I don’t think it was genuine,” Schauer added, to which Broski agreed.

Although both women continue to have their reservations about the Paul bros, it’s clear they respect their pro boxing endeavors, with Jake set to take on another opponent this October after his August 6 bout was unfortunately canceled.