Bridesmaids spark outrage after cutting their dresses shorter during reception

Bridesmaids cutting dresses shorterTIKTOK: Emma.league

A viral video of bridesmaids cutting their dresses short during a wedding reception has left TikTok viewers divided.

Content creator Emma (emma.league) posted a clip of herself and other bridesmaids at a wedding party cutting up their long pale pink dresses to knee length.

“When all of the bridesmaids decided we were gonna cut our dresses after the reception started,” she captioned the post, which went viral with a whopping 12.5 million views.

In the video, they are seen smiling and laughing, with some joking they would not be dancing depending on how short their dresses end up being.

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But while the bridesmaids didn’t see it as a big deal, many viewers took issue with them making drastic alterations to their gowns, while others were concerned about what the bride’s reaction was.

TikTok divided over dress alterations

“Those dresses cost too much to trash them like that. No way,” one TikTok user commented.

“Please tell me the bride knew and was okay with this,” another wrote, to which Emma replied that she did and was okay with them making the changes.

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In a follow-up, the TikToker showed the bridesmaids dancing and enjoying the reception with the bride after the dress cut. However, commenters were still divided on whether the dress alterations were the right choice.

“I would be livid – the end result looks sh*t,” one user said. “The wild and crazy bridesmaids stole the attention from the bride with crazy antics,” another added.

“If I was the bride that paid for these I wouldn’t be too happy,” a third wrote.

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Others, however, praised the bridesmaids and said the last-minute changes were a good idea.

“This is such a clever idea. No one ever wears their bridesmaid dress again, anyways,” one shared. “They’re cute! So much easier to party in too, they turned out great,” another commented.

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