Bride goes viral after calling out groom for watching sports during their wedding

Bride drags groom for watching sports during her weddingTIKTOK: daniandblake250

A groom has been dragged on TikTok after his wife called him out for watching sports on their wedding day.

In a viral video shared on the short-form app, Australian couple Dani and Blake could be seen sitting next to one another at their wedding.

It started with the camera panning from Blake’s phone screening sports over to Dani in her wedding dress looking less than impressed.

As the camera zoomed in on the groom, he could be seen mouthing the words: “The footy’s on.” In Australia, this term is used to refer to Australian football rules.

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“I still can’t believe my husband did this at our wedding,” the bride wrote in a text-overlay of the clip, which has amassed a whopping 9.4 million views.

Although it seems to have been reuploaded by a duplicate account, the real Dani and Blake acknowledged the video as real.

Groom slammed for watching sports at wedding

In the comments, many TikTok users criticized the groom for watching sports on his big day.

“When you really don’t know the person you said yes to,” one user wrote.

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“I’d riot tbh, he can wait to watch it you know,” another added.

“If he did that at your WEDDING DAY then what’s he gonna be like for the rest of your married life,” a third stated.

There were some users, however, that came to Blake’s defense.

“It’s just a game y’all it’s not that serious,” one said. “I’d do the same if the F1 was on,” another shared.

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“Tbh if they’re not doing anything and just sitting there and chatting I don’t see the issue,” someone else wrote.

This is just the latest wedding-related video to go viral on TikTok, after a best man stole the spotlight by proposing to a bridesmaid, sparking a debate.

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