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Bretman Rock responds to hate after collaborating with James Charles

Published: 29/Feb/2020 1:27

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star James Charles may be one of the net’s most popular makeup moguls, but some critics aren’t happy about his collaboration with fellow beauty guru Bretman Rock.

James Charles is a huge name in the online entertainment industry, best known for his popular makeup-inspired videos and collaborations with massive brands like Morphe.

However, 2019 drama between the star and his mentor, Tati Westbrook, saw public sentiment turn against him, with Westbrook claiming that he’d used his fame to manipulate the sexuality of straight men.

While Charles promptly debunked these allegations and reclaimed his fanbase of 16 million subscribers, he continues to boast a horde of dedicated critics, who have even faked messages from the YouTuber on dating apps like Tinder.


These critics spoke out en masse after Charles collaborated on two separate videos with fellow beauty tuber Bretman Rock in late February, with many openly stating their distaste for the YouTuber via Twitter.

In fact, the comments were so different from that of Charles’ own community that Rock spoke out on the matter in a pointed Tweet, attached with screenshots of the negative feedback regarding their collab.

“First screen shot is from my post and second is from James’ post,” Rock wrote. “Look at the difference in the energy… there’s so much hate comming from people who support me and I’m so disappointed, I understand and respect you guys’ opinions, but just don’t watch it, simple.”


Despite his good intentions, it doesn’t look like critics are taking his feelings into consideration, with some taking the chance to explain their distaste for Charles.

“…A lot of people who didn’t like James or were fed up unsubscribed and subscribed to you after countless scandals,” one user wrote. “How can you expect those same people to support a collab when they moved over to your channel to stay away from that?”

“Sorry, we just see how good of a person you are compared to James Charles,” another commented. “He doesn’t deserve to be your friend.”

While Charles himself has yet to directly comment on the subject, he retweeted Rock’s post, which likewise saw some support from fans of the duo. For now, it looks like Charles’ past drama has yet to fully escape him, despite seemingly putting the matter to bed last year.