Brendan Schaub explains why Jake Paul needs to fight Anderson Silva in boxing return

Brendan Schaub and Jake Paul side-by-sideYouTube: Schaub Show/Jake Paul

Former UFC contender Brendan Schaub believes Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva is the fight to make for the YouTuber’s return as it’ll earn him more respect with his fellow fighters. 

After taking a short break from in-ring action, Jake Paul is strapping on the gloves and returning to boxing in August against a yet-to-be-named opponent.

Plenty of rumors have swirled about who Jake may be facing, with one of the interesting being Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva. The former UFC champion has moved into boxing in recent months, beating Julio Cesar Chavez Jr on his way to picking up a 3-1 record.

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While Jake was against the fight at first, he’s softened his stance somewhat, and the Brazillian is open to fighting the YouTuber-turned-boxer. On top of that Brendan Schaub believes that if Jake wants the respect of his peers, it’s the fight for him to take next.

Jake Paul in boxing sparring session with handwrapsInstagram: Jake Paul
Jake Paul is 5-0 in boxing with a bunch of KOs to his name.

Brendan touched on the possibility of a Jake vs Anderson fight during episode 286 of The Schaub Show, noting that he’s urged the YouTuber to call out ‘The Spider’ before.

“I told him, you going after Bisping is a bad look, he has one eye. He’s an analyst now. I know you want a former champion but that’s a bad look. If you want the respect, even though you’re probably going to lose, you’re going to get so much more respect calling out Anderson Silva,” he said.

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The former UFC contender noted that Silva is currently active in boxing, which gives him a leg up, and has proven himself in the ring by defeating Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, which would ultimately help Jake’s case if he could beat ‘The Spider’.

“Go for him, you might lose, but it’s worth it dude. If you just have a good showing, you’re going to get all the respect. In the MMA community, you beat Anderson Silva, I have no criticism.”

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Schaub further noted that while Jake wants to fight a ‘real boxer’, Anderson would tick that box more than Tommy Fury, seeing as Fury is yet to accomplish much in the ring.

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“If you’re Jake, you can knock out Tommy Fury, that’s not going to get respect,” he continued. “Most people, including myself, only know him from Love Island. He’s a reality show star, his brother just happens to be the best heavyweight of all time.”

As noted, nobody knows who Jake will be fighting in August, but there are plenty of interesting options out there.