Breckie Hill in tears after Rachel Brockman allegedly slaps her during Clix stream

Breckie hill left in tears after being slapped by rachel brockmanInstagram: breckiehill

TikTok star Breckie Hill was left in tears after allegedly getting slapped by bestie Rachel Brockman during a tense stream on Fortnite pro Clix’s Twitch channel.

Breckie Hill has recently catapulted to online stardom, thanks to her resemblance to viral gymnast and influencer Livvy Dunne.

Boasting over 1.7 million followers on TikTok and over 500,000 on Instagram, Breckie has been rubbing elbows with other big creators on the internet as of late — including Fortnite pro Clix.

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Breckie appeared on Clix’s live stream on March 9 alongside best friend Rachel Brockman. Apparently, Clix and Breckie have been beefing for a little while, and the two decided to squash their feud in front of Clix’s followers.

Breckie Hill allegedly slapped by Rachel Brockman during Clix stream

However, what followed was anything but a peaceful conflict resolution. Just after Breckie and Clix laid their differences to rest, people could be heard arguing somewhere off-camera. Breckie later came back into frame saying she was “so mad” and “didn’t do sh*t.”

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Later, Clix appeared to explain the situation, saying that “Breckie just got f*cking like, kicked out of the car, got called a b*tch, and slapped.”

Hill later took to TikTok, where she went live to explain her side of the story. According to her, the feud started when Breckie had allowed Clix to write his Fortnite creator code on her decolletage. Initially, the streamer had asked to write it on Breckie and Rachel’s foreheads — something that can be seen in the stream VOD.

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“Rachel looked at me with the most disgusted look ever,” Breckie claimed. “Right after we left, she goes, ‘Breckie, you’re a f*cking b*tch. You’re not coming in the car with us.’ Clix heard it and he was like, ‘Come back in.’ They ended up coming back to get me. Rachel was like, ‘You can pack your bags and leave.'”

Fans are speculating that Brockman has been crushing on Clix for some time — so, after her best friend seemed to flirt with the object of her affections, things turned sour. 

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Thus far, it doesn’t look like Rachel or Breckie have spoken out further about the situation.

This is just the latest confrontation to happen for Breckie Hill after she threw shade at Livvy Dunne, notably calling gymnast a “b*tch” during a YouTube video with another creator.

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