Brazilian Twitch streamer Casimiro quickly unbanned after showing Europa League final

. 2 months ago
Casimiro holding award
Instagram: Casimiro

Popular Brazilian Twitch streamer Casimiro has been quickly unbanned after being hit with a 48-hour suspension for showing the Europa League final highlights.

As large broadcasting corporations continue to improve their methods of taking down livestreams that are breaching DMCA rules, Brazilian streamer Casimiro with over 2.4M followers was banned from Twitch for showing the best moments of the Europa League final.

Reminiscent of xQc’s ban for rebroadcasting the Tokyo Olympic Games last year, the 28-year-old Brazilian revealed he was given a 48-hour suspension from the Amazon-owned platform.

However, in a shocking turn of events, Casimiro was quickly unbanned from Twitch just a couple of hours later.

Twitch streamer Casimiro with two YouTube 100k subscriber playbutton plaques
Instagram: Casimiro
Casimiro is one of the biggest Brazilian streamers with 2.4M followers on Twitch.

During the early morning of May 19, Casimiro explained on Twitter in a translated tweet that he was given a 48-hour ban for watching the notable European football competition, but was working on getting back as soon as possible.

Well guys, I got a 48-hour ban for posting the best moments of the Europa League final,” he explained. “We’re what we can do to get back as soon as possible, okay? Any news I’ll let you know here.”

Just a little over three hours later, the streamer was unbanned, with Casimiro adding that “it was the best 3 hours, 27 minutes, and 13 seconds of my life.”

Fans of Casimiro were shocked that the expected two-day suspension only lasted a few hours. “The shortest vacation on Twitch,” said one.

The guy is so strong that he bypassed a Twitch ban made by UEFA in 3 hours. The man has contacts,” another replied

Typically, streamers have to wait out the entirety of their ban, which makes this situation pretty bizarre to say the least.

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