Boston Bruins cosplay as Mario characters for Halloween

Twitter: Arda Ocal

Nobody does Halloween costumes quite like the NHL, and the Boston Bruins’ Mario-themed cosplays will be tough to top.

NHL players are some of the biggest and toughest athletes in professional sports, but that doesn’t make them immune from having fun off the ice. Halloween marks the perfect opportunity for teams to bond over funny outfits.

Whether with family members or teammates, NHL players love a good cosplay like the rest of us.

Possibly paying homage to the upcoming Super Mario Bros Movie, the longtime Boston Bruins linemates Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand made a perfect Mario and Luigi for Halloween.

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super mario + rabbids cutscene headerNintendo / Ubisoft
Chris Pratt stars as Mario in the upcoming Super Mario Bros movie.

Boston Bruins players take a trip to the Mushroom Kingdom

The Boston Bruins’ Twitter account posted a picture of Boston Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron alongside assistant captain Brad Marchand.

Bergeron and Marchand have been teammates since 2009, so the caption “was there any doubt” makes perfect sense for these two stars.

Exemplifying their tight bond Marchand once said, “Bergy has been our best player for 18 years now” and “he’s the backbone of our team.”

Other Bruins players filled up the rest of Mario’s familiar ensemble, including Nick Foligno as Wario, Charlie Coyle as Yoshi, and Brandon Carlo as Donkey Kong. However, Derek Forbort’s Peach cosplay may take home the best costume award.

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One fan responded, “Foligno definitely gives Wario energy, and a second user added, “Forbort as Peach is priceless.”

Some fans were disappointed that Marchand didn’t go as Waluigi instead, but understandably Mario needed Luigi by his side.

All we need now is for the players to suit back up in costume and attend the Mario movie premiere together.