Bob Menery explains beef with Mark Wahlberg after NELK Full Send podcast rejection

bob menery and mark wahlbergInstagram: markwahlberg/YouTube: Full Send podcast

Bob Menery, Instagram influencer and co-host of NELK Boys’ Full Send podcast, has opened up on his “beef” with Mark Wahlberg, insisting that there’s no bad blood despite the Hollywood actor now ignoring his calls and texts.

Menery has 3 million followers on Instagram and connections with some of the most famous celebrities in the world.

In fact, he’s played a huge part in attaining many of the guests who have appeared on the Full Send podcast, which includes the likes of Dana White, Donald Trump, and Snoop Dogg among others.

While he clearly has good relationships with most of these people, it’s impossible to be best friends with everyone, and he might have lost that opportunity with the Ted & Uncharted star.

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Kyle Forgeard, Bob Menery and Jamie FoxxInstagram: bobmenery
Bob Menery has a lot of big time friends, including the likes of Jamie Foxx (above) — but you can’t win them all.

With NELK founder Kyle Forgeard joking that Menery does “burn a lot of bridges,” during the Full Send podcast, he also asked what are the biggest bridges Menery thought he had burned.

Menery confirmed that he felt like the biggest bridge he had burned was with Wahlberg. Kyle added: “We had Mark Wahlberg, he was in for the podcast. A good friend put in a good word, Mark was coming out with a new movie, we wanted to have him on, absolute legend… Then Bob f**ked it up with some guy at Mark Wahlberg’s golf course.

“He got into a fight and got one of his friends fired, and then he absolutely harassed Mark Wahlberg over text and call and just totally ruined the relationship with Mark Wahlberg.”

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Timestamp 24:50

Menery suggested that Kyle had embellished the story a little, before detailing what had actually happened.

Reading out all of the texts between them, it sounded as though everything was going well, but after a while Wahlberg just stopped replying to an unrelenting Menery.

Bob did say that the situation had been “blown out of proportion” and that there was “no bad blood between” himself and Mark, but you shouldn’t expect to see him appearing on the Full Send podcast too soon.