Board certified plastic surgeon gives his opinion on TikTok-famous “scar girl”

Plastic surgeon weighs in on tiktok scar girl controversyInstagram: annbonelli

Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Emil Kohan shared his take on whether or not the TikTok-famous “scar girl’s” facial scar is actually real.

Ann Bonelli is currently taking over TikTok thanks to her controversial facial scar.

While older photos of the influencer show her with a fresh pink wound, her newer videos show a distinct brown line going down the left side of her face — which some viewers aren’t convinced is actually real.

The scar has sparked a heated debate among TikTok users, some of whom have accused Bonelli of covering up the scar with makeup to make it stand out, while others say she never had a scar in the first place and is simply drawing it on her skin.

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Bonelli has explained that she used a topical cream in an attempt to cover up the scar in the past (which she received as a result of alleged domestic violence), which gave her a chemical burn, deepening its color.

Despite her claims, viewers aren’t buying her explanation and are calling for the TikToker to stop what they believe to be a total farce in a claim for internet fame.

Plastic surgeon weighs in on TikTok “scar girl” controversy

Now, a medical professional has officially weighed in on the conversation. Dr Emil Kohan, a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, says that it’s unlikely that Bonelli’s facial scar is actually real after being asked how her scar could have gone from pink to dark brown.

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“It usually doesn’t,” he answered in a TikTok. “A normal scar turns pink and red, becomes a little darker over the course of months, and usually fades, especially in a patient with a lighter skin tone. It doesn’t become a dark eyebrow on your cheek.”

Thus far, Bonelli has yet to respond to Dr. Kohan’s statement about her scar but did appear on a recent episode of the BFFs podcast where she addressed the backlash against her over the whole ordeal.

However, not everyone is a critic of the TikTok star; in fact, other influencers like Nessa Barrett have come to her defense, calling the criticism against her “harassment and bullying.”

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