Best of TikTok’s viral ‘Oh No’ trend

Picture of a man by a whiteboard and a cat nearly falling into a bath, with the TikTok logo in the middleTikTok: pierreclerte0 / breelynn14

TikTok users have been sharing videos of their most hilarious accidents, using the song Oh No by Capone and a well-timed zoom in effect to capture the tense moments right before a colossal fail. Here’s the best of the viral trend.

It seems like every week there’s a new viral trend or challenge cropping up on TikTok, and each one somehow manages to be more hilarious than the last. Any song has the potential to become a viral TikTok sound, and when something starts catching on, everyone wants a piece of the new fad.

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In November, user jayrscottyy posted his “I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends” video, and the TikTok unexpectedly became a meme, appearing in just about every comment section on the app, and as surprise twists in plenty of viral videos too.

Pixabay: nikuga
TikTok has become a hub for plenty of viral internet trends.

This time around, the song Oh No by Capone is in the spotlight, thanks to its unintentionally hilarious bridge in which the words “oh no” are repeated to a background of silence, and well-timed strong beats.

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People are sharing their biggest fails

People have been digging up videos of their most embarrassing fails, falls, and near-miss accidents and pairing it up with the song. They play the video along with the track, and just as something is about to go wrong, the frame freezes to the beat of the first ‘oh no.’

The trend often sees people begging the creators to see the original video in full, as part of the trend is to cut the video before the accident actually happens, leaving people imagining all the hilarious possibilities of the wild slip-ups. Here are some of the funniest.

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Painful twists

As people embark on capturing cool tricks on camera to go viral on TikTok, they end up going viral through another route when their stunts don’t quite go according to plan, resulting in some painful-looking mishaps.

Furry friends

Nothing is more unpredictable than animals, they have come out in full force for this trend, getting into their own accidents, and causing some difficulties for nearby humans.

Classroom antics

Everyone has felt the temptation to run across a line of empty school desks, but some students were left reeling when they lost their footing, the video finishing just before the inevitably painful outcome.

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Among Us

It wouldn’t be a viral trend if hugely popular social deduction game Among Us didn’t make an appearance, with players sharing their biggest imposter fails, and putting some brilliant spins on the ‘oh no’ trend.

This trend has certainly given many TikTok users a laugh in these bizarre times, and hopefully people will continue to dig through their old videos to find the most colossal fails to pair with this well-matched viral sound.

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