Best music released by TikTokers this month (July 2022)

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Here’s our list of some of the best music released by TikTokers in July 2022, as well as a peek at how these creators used the platform to promote their songs.

Over the last few years, artists from all over the world have used TikTok as a way to promote their music. Sometimes this even helps them score major record deals, and can even open them up to other opportunities.

Artists like Lil Nas X, Olivia Rodrigo, and GAYLE are prime examples of musicians using the platform to grow their careers.

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Here’s our list of some of the best music we’ve found over the month of July, released by artists using the platform to its full potential.

Loveless – Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)

Kate Bush’s 1985 release ‘Running Up That Hill’ resurfaced after the release of Stranger Things season 4, racking up over 137 million streams on Spotify alone in the days following.

Loveless — a pop-punk duo consisting of Julian Comeau and Dylan Tirapelli-Jamil — took the viral song and gave it a twist of their own, amassing over 15 million views on their original TikTok upload before they fully released the track on July 13, 2022.

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Loveless isn’t actually a cover band, and has plenty of original songs available to listen to that are just as good (if not better than) this cover.

Occasionally, however, Julian will post a clip of a song on TikTok that fans just can’t enough of.

Naethan Apollo – Hello World

Naethan Apollo’s release for July isn’t just a single song. Instead, it’s his debut album, which is full of hits he’s created over the last couple of years.

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Known for making “goofy love songs,” Apollo has gained mass appeal on TikTok thanks to the fact his songs are gender-neutral and inclusive to everybody. To accomplish such a feat, he uses they/them pronouns in all of his songs.

Naethan’s song ‘Person In The Mirror’ became a viral trend earlier in 2022, with creators doing a mirror transition to show how they can feel both handsome and pretty.

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Other popular songs from his debut album are ‘To you, from me’ and ‘Lemon Lime Lips.’

Jax – Victoria’s Secret

Although it was technically released on June 30 according to a video uploaded by Jax, the lyric video for the song was uploaded on July 6, 2022, so we’re counting it for this month.

The American Idol finalist wrote ‘Victoria’s Secret’ for a kid named Chelsea who she babysits, after other kids her age called her ‘fat’ while trying on a bathing suit at the store.

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It quickly went viral as the announcement video amassed over 35 million views, and then again on July 27 when Jax uploaded a video showing the flash mob that she organized in front of a Victoria’s Secret store.

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Russ feat. Ed Sheeran – Are You Entertained

Yet another example of a musician succeeding at using TikTok to promote their music is Russ, who has managed to stay an independent artist while collaborating with big names.

In a video on July 15, Russ revealed his upcoming song with award-winning musician Ed Sheeran that was released just a week later on July 22.

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These are some of the best songs released by musicians on TikTok over the last month. Check back at the end of August for an updated list of new releases.

In the meantime, you can head over to our TikTok hub to learn about viral trends and other stories.

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