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Bert Kreischer reveals Joe Rogan’s insane generosity to friends

Published: 24/Feb/2020 14:12

by Connor Bennett


Popular comedian Bert Kreischer has explained what it’s like to be good friends with Joe Rogan, revealing his insane generosity and ways in which he helps his friends.

As the host of one of the most popular podcasts in the world and a mainstay of UFC pay-per-views, Joe Rogan is exposed to millions of people and, as such, has developed a cult following.

However, fans of the former Fear Factor host don’t really get a glimpse into his everyday life or experience what it’s like to be able to call on him for help. Well, that’s where his pal Bert Kreischer comes in, as he lifted the lid on the pair’s long-standing friendship.


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The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the world’s most popular podcasts.

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The popular comedian appeared on The Pat McAfee Show to talk sports, his iconic ‘machine’ joke, and his friendship with Joe Rogan. During his portion on the UFC commentator, Kreischer opened up about what it’s like having him as a close friend – revealing that he’s really generous and does everything for everyone. 

“Joe is an amazing guy. He’s super generous. You’ve got to be careful what you say around him because if you say something like ‘yeah, I was looking at smokers the other day,’ the next day there is a smoker at your house,” Kreischer said. 


“It’s cool, but I have a hard time asking for things and you don’t even have to ask with him, he’ll just be like I have a guy, let me hook you up.”

The Comedian even explained that he once talked about getting into running and ended up with a $5,000 fitness trainer at his home from Rogan because he thought that the treadmills being used weren’t “real running.”

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However, his friendship does come with the notion that people can use him to link up the podcast host. The Comedian noted that some people, even close friends, appear on his own podcast just so they can potentially meet Rogan. 


“They’ll do my podcast and at the end, they’re like ‘hey man, can you get me on Rogan’ and you’re like ugh, no I can’t,” he said. 

Those requests are, obviously, a small price to pay because of his friendship, but Kreischer probably isn’t going to buckle and be as generous as his close pal.