Bert Kreischer explains how Joe Rogan changed his life with early JRE podcast

YouTube: Pardon My Take/Joe Rogan

Comedian Bert Kreischer has explained how Joe Rogan “changed his life” with an early episode of the JRE podcast that helped propel his stand-up career to new heights. 

If you’ve tuned into an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast over the last few years, you’ve very likely encountered Bert Kreischer – either through him being a guest or Rogan talking about him. 

The stand-up comic has become a favorite of the internet over the years, and even hosts his own podcasts these days, following in the footsteps of his good friend

However, it wasn’t all plain sailing in his career. There was a point where things weren’t exactly going his way, but that all changed thanks to some help from Rogan, who managed to shine the spotlight on him just as the JRE podcast was taking off. 

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Bert Kreischer explains how early JRE podcast changed his life

Bert recounted how Rogan was a massive help in his career when he appeared on the Pardon My Take podcast to talk about his movie – The Machine – which stemmed from his now infamous joke. 

“I told it (on a podcast) and he said you need to tell this on stage. I was like oh no, no, no, I don’t do that. This isn’t for the stage, this is for us hanging and he was like ‘are you out of your f*cking mind?’” Bert said. “This man changed my life. Joe Rogan said on that podcast, ladies and gentlemen if you go to his show, yell out ‘The Machine’ until he tells it.”

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The comic added that Rogan then urged his fans to turn up to his shows, and they did, “in droves,” following Rogan’s request.

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As noted, the joke – which stems from Bert earning the nickname of ‘The Machine’ from his time drinking with the Russian mafia during a school trip – has become one of the most recognizable parts of his routine.

He’s had plenty of help from Rogan in the past, as he revealed a few years ago that the JRE host splashed out on $5,000 of fitness equipment for him.