Bernie Sanders accidentally walks into TikTok dance video

Bernie Sanders accidentally walks into TikTok dance videoTIKTOK: taylorchamp

Bernie Sanders looked bewildered after he accidentally stumbled into a TikTok dance video being filmed outside a hotel, and the internet is in love with it.

The US senator has inspired yet another meme after a video captured him accidentally crashing into a dancer’s TikTok, filmed on the streets of New York City.

In the viral clip, content creator Taylor Champ and a hotel doorman were seen waving their arms in the air. As they were grooving, Sanders walked straight in their direction, not realizing that he was being filmed.

After he caught a glimpse of the dancing duo, Sanders paused with a confused look on his face before walking around them to avoid a collision.

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“Nailed it Bernie,” the TikToker captioned the five-second video, which went viral with 1.8 million views.

TikTok users in the comments were amused by the Vermont senator’s deadpan expression in the clip.

“POV: Bernie changing his mind about being for the young people,” one user quipped.

“You got the side eye from Bernie and single-handedly made him change his mind on the youths,” another joked.

“This needs the ‘Ariana, what are you doing here’ audio,” a top comment read.

The young TikToker later revealed that she didn’t realize Sanders had walked right by her until she replayed the video.

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In a separate video, Champ showed that the politician’s wife, Jane Sanders, was there too. The social worker quickly apologized to the influencer after accidentally walking in front of the camera.

Champ said she almost hit the US senator’s wife during the dance.

“All I was thinking was wow, first time I try to make a TikTok out here and I almost hit this poor lady in the face,” she wrote in the caption. “I was just hoping she wasn’t mad but she was so sweet.”