Belle Delphine to send mystery “package” to YouTuber Ethan Klein

by Virginia Glaze


Controversial Instagram star and suggestive cosplayer Belle Delphine shook up the internet after releasing her “Gamer Girl Bath Water” line on July 1 - but now, she’s offering a special deal to a big-name YouTuber after completely selling out of the product.

Popular YouTuber and H3H3 comedy duo member Ethan Klein jokingly sent a response to Delphine’s latest bathtub business venture on July 10, asking her if she would pass gas in her $10,000 tub of bath water for extra verve (a request that he’d previously asked about just ahead of her initial launch on July 1).

“If I give you $10,000 will you fart in it?” Klein asked - although he never expected a response from the star.

In a humorous turn of events, Delphine took notice of Klein’s Tweet and reached out via his Twitter DMs, admitting that while she couldn’t take part in his H3 Podcast, she did have a special gift to send him in response to his request.

“Hey Ethan!” Her message began, as shown during a clip taken from Klein’s podcast. “I saw your video, it was great. Wish I could come to be on the podcast, I’m sure it would’ve been funny! I do, however, have a ‘package’ to send you. Do you have an address/PO box I could send this to?”

While Klein didn’t share his response to her message, he admitted that he was afraid she’d send him regular bath water, rather than a bottled-up fart - implying that the Instagram star’s mystery “package” is currently en route.

“Maybe it’s bath water that she farted in,” Klein jokingly speculated. “I want to be able to drink her farts - smelling it’s not enough.”

In wake of the massive success of her jarred bath water (which sold out just days after going live), Delphine unleashed a $10,000 tub of the stuff on her Patreon account, which includes a custom video of her bathing in the water - as well as access to all tiers of her Patreon.

Twitter: Belle Delphine
Twitter: Belle Delphine
Delphine unleashed a full bath tub full of her own bath water for sale on July 10 - for a massive $10,000 price point.

Although Delphine admitted that this will be the final time she sells her bath water, there’s no telling what she’ll cook up next, considering that fake Pornhub account she created just prior to her bath water madness in late June.