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Bella Thorne shades YouTuber ex Tana Mongeau on Twitter

Published: 20/Dec/2020 22:44

by Charlotte Colombo


Amid the release of her new song “Stupid F**king B***h,” Bella Thorne threw some serious shade towards her ex-girlfriend Tana Mongeau on Twitter.

In a series of Tweets labelled #SFB (after her new song), Thorne claimed that Mongeau “wishes” she was her, and even accuses her ex of “bringing up [her] name for attention” in an attempt to be “relevant.”

Tana, who described herself as  being “bazoinked” by the whole situation, soon got wind of the drama and posted a few fiery Tweets of her own, as well as seemingly confirming that she was the titular “SFB” in Thorne’s song.


Showing that size matters, Mongeau began by comparing her Twitter engagements to Thorne. Claiming that her Tweets get more favourites than Bella’s, she mocks her for being “worried about [her] legacy.”

Referring to Thorne’s own controversy on OnlyFans, Mongeau then challenges Thorne to respond to her Tweets and to “promote sex workers like you promised.”

Quipping that she must be “liv[ing] in [Thorne’s] head rent free,” Tana added: “Imagine taking the time to write, direct, and fund entire song about me called Stupid F**king B***h and also being Bella Thorne.”

The YouTuber also retweeted supportive fans who noted that her own track, “Without You,” had a lot more streams than Thorne’s newest.


Tana finished her rant by saying: “I’m honestly done being walked on and f**ked on by s**tty people and looking like the bad person. I’d rather go out exposing and swinging.”

Thorne is yet to respond to these latest Tweets.

This isn’t the first time the former girlfriends have found themselves at odds online. When Thorne collaborated with Clubhouse BH star Teala Dunn, the TikToker uploaded a video of the two kissing.

Mongeau quickly made her feelings about the smooch known, as she says to Dunn that she “doesn’t have the energy” to get involved in a love triangle with her and Bella, although she does quip that Thorne “never looked that uncomfortable” when she kissed her. Tana is obviously no stranger to throwing shade and fans will wonder if more is to come if Thorne responds to the latest beef.