Bella Poarch explains how being bullied inspired ‘Build a Bitch’ song with Valkyrae

Bella Poarch explains meaning of Build a Bitch songYouTube: 100 Thieves

TikTok star Bella Poarch is dropping her very first music video tonight, and its lyrics clearly have a strong meaning — one she claims was inspired by her own childhood bullies.

Bella Poarch, much like Charli D’Amelio before her, has seen an extremely quick rise in online stardom. Going viral in 2020 for getting the most likes on a TikTok ever, she has since garnered over 66 million followers in the past nine months — all thanks to her ‘M to the B’ lip syncing clip.

The simple video blew up almost immediately, and so did Poarch’s career, which has now taken her on an unexpected route in the music industry. On April 30, Poarch dropped a teaser for her very first song, ‘Build a Bitch,’ which included a few pointed lyrics:

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“This ain’t Build a Bitch / You don’t get to pick and choose / Different a** and bigger boobs / If my eyes are brown or blue.”

Clearly, the song is geared toward the constant criticism that women (or people in general) receive about their bodies in the age of picture-perfect Instagram models, but there’s more to it than that.

In a May 13 episode of 100 Thieves’ CouRage and Nadeshot podcast, Poarch made an appearance alongside Valkyrae to discuss the inspiration for her first song, which she claimed stemmed from her experiences being bullied as a child.

“Growing up, I used to get bullied and stuff,” Poarch admitted. “How I looked like. So I’ve always wanted to be a singer, an artist. It’s always been my dream since I was little. I wanted my first song to have a good meaning to it and to help a lot of people just to be like, more confident about themselves.”

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“I want the song to be meaningful,” she added. “I thought about something that can help people.”

(Topic begins at 9:45)

The conversation then steered toward social media and how much pressure young people can face for their appearance and status online, with Valkyrae, CouRage and Nadeshot congratulating Poarch and the positive message of her first song.

Fans can catch the Build a Bitch music video on Bella Poarch’s YouTube channel on May 14, 12 AM EST / May 13, 9 PM PST.