Basketball player sparks new “lag” dunk TikTok challenge

Basketball player doing the "lag" dunk on TikTok with TikTok logoTikTok: basketball0411

A gravity-defying basketball player has created a whole new trend on TikTok with what viewers are calling the “lag” dunk challenge.

TikTok has become the perfect place for basketball fans to get their daily dose of the sport.

Whether it means getting a look into the private lives of their favorite NBA players via their own TikTok accounts or catching a game’s most dramatic moments, TikTok and basketball are a match made in Heaven for many.

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One up-and-coming basketball player was quickly propelled to TikTok stardom after pulling off a slam dunk, the likes of which many viewers hadn’t seen before.

Basketball player goes viral on TikTok for “lag” dunk

On August 10, the Basketball-fuelled TikTok account ‘basketball0411’ shared a move from a player which had viewers astounded.

Warming up for the brilliant move, the unnamed player throws a few hits to the ground before rushing up to the net across the court.

He then leaps up in the air to score. However, rather than slamming the ball into the hoop, he appears to halt in mid-air before quickly shooting the ball into the net at the very last second much to the amazement of the watching crowd.

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The moment prompted a wave of TikTok viewers to label the move as a “lag dunk.” The reason being how the player appeared to pause in mid-air as if he was “lagging” like his “Bros controller disconnected for a second.”

Many more were amazed at how he seemed to make time stand still to pull off the dunk, as one viewer described: “Bro went to the dinosaur age, found a rock and learned how to turn it into a time machine, he went to 2999 and the world was ending so he was scared.”

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The player’s identity has not yet been confirmed. However, with the clip picking up 4.3 million views as of writing, he is already a viral TikTok star.

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