Bart Baker teases YouTube return after quitting to make TikToks in China

. 2 years ago
YouTube: Bart Baker

OG YouTube star Bart Baker hasn’t uploaded a video to the platform in over two years — but he might be considering a return to the site after leaving to become a major influencer in China.

Internet regulars will recognize Bart Baker as one of YouTube’s most popular content creators, best known for his humorous parody music videos, where he pokes fun at some of the industry’s biggest names and most iconic songs.

Despite his stardom on the site, Baker left around a year ago to pursue another avenue, altogether, on a then-budding platform — TikTok.

Baker, claiming he was “super miserable” on YouTube, received an email from a Chinese company asking him to lend his services to Chinese social media.

Shortly thereafter, Baker became a sensation in the country, as seen in a VICE documentary following his journey across the pond. Some of the star’s most popular videos in the country include himself singing patriotic Chinese songs that he translates into English.

However, Baker could be considering a switch back to YouTube, as evidenced by a recent community post he published to the site.

“I miss you guys,” Baker wrote. “Hope everyone is safe and healthy. I’m considering starting to post again on here.”

YouTube star Bart Baker teases his return to the site in a community post.

Thus far, Baker’s community post has been met with excitement from fans, who are more than happy to see their favorite YouTuber make more parody videos.

However, Baker made sure to warn viewers that this type of content may not be feasible for him moving forward, adding, “But I don’t know what to post… I’m not gonna lie – parodies cost between 20k to 100k to make – I can’t do that anymore. I was insane.”

Bart Baker explains how expensive parody videos are to create in a community post.

YouTuber Bart Baker claims he may return with a video explaining why he left the platform.

That’s not all; Baker claimed that his first content back on YouTube might be an explanation of what has occurred in his absence from the platform; a story that fans and onlookers alike can’t wait to hear, considering the lengthy amount of time he’s been gone in a bid to “make it” on Chinese TikTok.

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