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Banned Twitch streamer apologizes to family of the fish he “smashed” to death

Published: 28/May/2021 23:36 Updated: 29/May/2021 2:35

by Michael Gwilliam


A Twitch streamer is apologizing to the family of a fish he killed that resulted in a ban from the platform.

New Zealand-based streamer MrChanChan was banned on May 26 after a fishing stream went horribly wrong when he “smashed” a fish he caught to death.

At first, MrChanChan seemed to not care about being suspended. In a reply to the StreamerBans Twitter account that keeps track of bans, he seemed to just be impressed that the account tagged him in a message.

“Wow I never knew that my name is mentioned on a 300k [follower] Twitter account!” he replied. “Thank you!”


However, while he seemed nonchalant about the ban at first, that soon changed after two days of silence.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, the banned streamer addressed the situation and explained how sorry he was.

“What happened was, I went fishing the other day and I did a fishing stream. I caught a fish, but the fish was so strong, and I’m not a professional, so I didn’t know how to handle it,” he revealed. “So what I did was, I tried to smash the fish to the ground while it was hanging on the fishing rope.”


Smashing a fish on the ground is definitely not an ideal way to prepare your dinner and Twitch’s Community Guidelines state that “acts of violence” will be taken seriously.

“That moment caused a problem,” he added. “After I realized I got banned, I was in a panic, because Twitch is the main source of income for my family.”

According to the streamer, he began thinking more about the incident after he ate the fish and realized he was “f**king selfish.”

MrChanChan asks for forgiveness.
The streamer was very sorry for killing a fish during a broadcast.

“I care about my family, but not the family of the fish that I killed and I ate!” he exclaimed. “I mean, they probably want to kill me, right? So, I really want to say that I’m so sorry to the fish I killed and to their family.”


It’s not clear if the family of the fish he killed has an internet connection or own devices to watch MrChanChan’s apology for themselves, but it’s evident that he didn’t mean be so brutal in the slaying of his dinner.

MrChanChan didn’t state how long his ban would be for, so it’s anyone’s guess when he will be allowed back on Twitch. In any case, don’t expect to see any more fishing streams from him in the future, whether it’s on Twitch or other platforms.