Banned streamer Velvet_7 calls on Twitch to overturn “ridiculous” bans after a year

Connor Bennett
Twitch: Velvet_7
Twitch: Velvet_7

Banned streamer Velvet_7 has, again, called on Twitch to overturn her ban, revealing that the platform even said they made mistakes in dishing out some of the strikes against her.

Over the years, many streamers have been banned from Twitch and have been left in the dark as to why it happened, not knowing if their suspension is ever going to be overturned.

In the case of Korean streamer Velvet_7, she’s been banned on multiple occasions for different reasons – including one ban for “sharing or engaging in sexually suggestive content or activities” seemingly for the clothes she was wearing.

While Twitch has tweaked these rules since her ban, creating a new category off the back of the controversial hot tub meta, Velvet_7 remains banned and has streamed on YouTube in the meantime.

Streamer Velvet_7 in a YouTube video
YouTube: Velvet Tube
Velvet_7 has been banned from Twitch a few times, but they’ve apologized for these wrongful bans.

On July 12, the Korean streamer once again called on Twitch to overturn her long-term ban and reactivate her channel, noting that they’ve admitted to making mistakes in suspending her before.

“I got banned 3 times from Twitch by their own mistake and (I’m) still banned now,” she Tweeted. “I know I got banned by my own mistake before but last 3 ban was ridiculous. It’s been more than a year now.”

Velvet_7 attached multiple screenshots of Twitch apologizing for wrongfully banning her on a number of occasions, including one from last April which left the streamer in tears.

Fans of Velvet_7 has also tried getting Twitch to hear their calls for change as well, starting the #FreeVelvet hashtag on multiple social media platforms.

While this has been going on for a few months now, Twitch has yet to change its stance and Velvet_7 remains banned. So, we’ll just have to wait and see if her new calls have any impact.