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Banned hot tub streamer claims Twitch “simply doesn’t care” about transgender creators

Published: 6/Jul/2021 8:33

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


A banned hot tub streamer named Anne Atomic has claimed Twitch “simply doesn’t care” about transgender creators after getting suspended for reports of “adult nudity” by stream trolls, despite wearing a standard bikini in her broadcasts.

Anne Atomic was ecstatic when Twitch introduced a hot tub category followed by hundreds of diversity tags. It created the perfect foundation for her popularity to snowball, and her numbers climbed exponentially.

However, the increased numbers also reportedly led to constant raids from transphobes who flooded the chat with hateful comments. They even went as far as reporting her for “adult nudity” despite the fact she hadn’t broken any rules – which ultimately resulted in her ban.


With nowhere to turn after feeling like she had been hung out to dry by a company that didn’t support her, she vented about her situation in an interview with Kotaku and slammed Twitch for ‘not caring’ about transgender creators.

The transgender community on Twitch has long pushed for a tag.

“I am without a doubt the biggest magnet for hate and transphobes on Twitch as the first, and still the only, transgender hot tub streamer,” she said. “I think it’s just inevitable with the tag. We aren’t forced to use it, though. But I prefer not to hide who I am, and I use the platform as a means to educate people.”


But when that hate culminated in her getting banned from the platform indefinitely, she claims Twitch has done little to resolve the issue. And when she tried to appeal the suspension, they only responded to with automated responses.

“I get constantly reported by transphobes and misogynists on the platform.”

“I really can come to no conclusion except that they either triggered an auto-ban due to reports volume that no one bothered to review since I’m not a partner, or that I scorned the ire of a Twitch admin who did not like what I was doing.”

Banned Hot Tub Streamer Twitch Trans
Twitch: Anne Atomic
Anne Atomic’s attire isn’t any different to that of other streamers.

At the very least, Anne wants them to tell her what she did wrong specifically. But she believes that won’t happen.


“They simply don’t seem to care enough to even bother reviewing things or so much as even giving a canned reply,” the Twitch streamer said, “Being one of the biggest trans streamers on the platform still is very small by their standards and doesn’t mean much.”

Anne loved being a pillar in her community and feeling like she impacted people’s lives. But now that’s all been taken away without a good explanation as to why, and it’s left her feeling “devastated” and uncertain about her future plans.