Bank rejects Twitch streamer after she mistakenly claims to be an “adult entertainer”

poopernoodle rejected from bankTwitch/poopernoodle

A Twitch streamer ran into some issues at the bank after she didn’t realize what an “adult performer” was when filling out her occupation.

Being a Twitch streamer can be a difficult job to describe to folks who are not as tuned in on internet culture and it turns it this can cause some major problems at the bank.

When Twitch streamer ‘poopernoodle’ went to the bank and ended up being rejected, it ended up being because she didn’t realize some of the terms she was agreeing to when it came to her job.

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Hilariously, the streamer believed that an “adult entertainer” fit her job description, but that only resulted in confusion for the Twitch star who had her application denied.

Twitch streamer doesn’t know what “adult entertainer” means

While on stream, poopernoodle revealed that she was asked what her occupation was “nothing really fit the bill” until she saw one option that stood out to her.

“Adult online entertainer, I took that and I was like ‘yeah’ that’s what I am. I’m an adult and I entertain people online,” she laughed.

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Unfortunately for poopernoodle, this mistake ended up costing her, because the bank immediately rejected her. Luckily, however, she seems to be in good spirits about the whole thing seeing as she joked about it.

Regardless of the fact she was a “total buffoon” as she put it, others found her situation comical. “This innocent mistake made my day so much better,” one user remarked.

In any case, the next time she applies at a bank, she likely won’t be taking certain occupations so literally.

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