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Bald and Bankrupt hits insane YouTube channel milestone in just two weeks

Published: 18/Feb/2021 19:35

by Virginia Glaze


The traveling YouTuber known as ‘Bald and Bankrupt’ has received an incredible amount of support on his newly-made secondary channel, where he shares his discoveries in India and Eastern Europe.

Bald and Bankrupt is a unique presence on the internet. His travel vlogs take viewers into the former Soviet states, where he shows off the region’s various cultures, jaw-dropping architecture, and even major historical sites.

His main channel has amassed over 2.6 million subscribers and was started in summer 2018, making for an already big success for the traveling vlogger in just a three-year span.

Bald and Bankrupt’s vlogs are more than refreshing travel episodes, though; their general lack of both music and random montages make for a genuinely intriguing and educational experience for a region that isn’t often advertised in YouTube’s log of globe-trotting content creators.


Bald and Bankrupt takes viewers on a tram ride.
YouTube: Daily Bald
YouTube star Bald and Bankrupt has scored over 200,000 subscribers on his secondary channel in just two weeks.

However, it seems that B&B has been met with even more acclaim in the past two weeks after kickstarting a surprising secondary YouTube channel. While his main channel features videos that are upwards of 20 minutes or more, and are generally uploaded every two weeks, his secondary account has produced a new video every single day.

These daily vlogs are all around five minutes in length, and take viewers on short jaunts through such vistas as snowy tram rides, Armenia’s cheapest hotel, and even an ancient trading post in the Armenian mountains.

In just two weeks after beginning his new channel, “Daily Bald” has amassed over 207k subscribers. That’s nothing to sneeze at!


Social Blade statistics for the channel also show that he’s averaged over 600k views per week, making for a seriously successful side hustle for the formerly bankrupt businessman-turned-YouTuber.


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While B&B isn’t promising that there will be uploads every single day in the future, it seems that viewers are definitely interested in what he has to offer — and we can’t deny that being given breathtaking views of Russian mountains or educational field trips from home is a wonderful way to spend a few minutes of your day.