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Entertainment • Dec 17, 2018

Pornstar Mia Malkova is a big fan of Twitch streamer Avalanche's face reveal

Pornstar Mia Malkova is a big fan of Twitch streamer Avalanche's face reveal
Instagram Mia Malkova/Twitter

After five long years, popular Twitch streamer and social media personality Avalanche finally revealed his face on stream, drawing the approval of many fans including adult film star Mia Malkova.


During a recording of the MobCast, a podcast created by four Twitch streamers known as The Mob, Avalanche finally revealed his face to the world. The streamer has been a popular Twitter figure for a number of years, drawing a following of over 40 thousand followers, despite using a photo of Justin Timberlake as his avatar.  

Only a select number of people knew what he looked like until he conducted the face reveal. Avalanche drew plenty of compliments for his looks but none more so than Mia Malkova.


After streamer Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, tweeted “Yo lowkey Avalanche kinda cute…” the adult film star quote tweeted that with her response: “Facts.”

It wasn’t first complimentary tweet towards Avalanche from Malkova. As the popular Social Media figure finally revealed his face, she tweeted: “Mia Malkova approved!” with a screenshot of Avalanche smiling. The pair have interacted on Twitter a number of times in the past but the complimentary post from the adult film actress led to a little more for the streamer.


A few tweets later, Avalanche tweeted: "Mia Malkova just texted me." After that followed a video reveal of his newest Twitch subscription alert voiced by the adult film star. Subscribe to the streamer for now on and you'll be greeted with a welcome message from Mia.  

The pair have held a long-time friendship over Twitter with fans calling for a collaboration or two between them. Fans may finally get their wish, and more, following this complimentary exchange. 

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