Australian influencer reveals how she friendzoned Leonardo DiCaprio

australian-influencer-friendzoned-leonardo-dicaprioWarner Bros. Pictures / InstagraM: stephclairesmith

Prominent Australian influencer and model Stephanie Miller revealed how she friendzoned Leonardo DiCaprio after he allegedly asked for her number.

It’s no secret that Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio has a type. His past girlfriends include a bevy of actresses and models who are all thin, blonde, and young — that is, until they turn 26, when he seemingly decides they’ve aged out of his preferred dating demographic.

Although Leo is seemingly single (at least, according to reports), it looks like he tried to pick up Australian influencer and Instagram model Stephanie Miller — but she wasn’t interested in getting with the A-List celeb.

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Miller told the story during an episode of her “KICPOD” podcast with friend Laura Henshaw, where she claimed she was introduced to DiCaprio at a nightclub while traveling.

stephanie-miller-friendzones-leo-dicaprioInstagram: stephclairesmith
Stephanie Miller is a prominent influencer with over 1 million Instagram followers. She is a model and podcast host, as well as a fitness instructor.

Australian Instagram model ghosts Leonardo DiCaprio

She claims that the ‘Great Gatsby’ star introduced himself with the classic “French, double kiss on the cheek” before starting a conversation with her about what brought her into town.

However, it wasn’t long until the actor asked for her digits, supposedly saying he’d “love to take you out for dinner at some of the nicest restaurants around here.”

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Unfortunately for Leo, Stephanie had just begun dating the “love of her life,” who is now her husband, Josh Miller — and she wasn’t interested in giving up the man she’d set her heart on for so long.

“I just decided to lie,” she explained. “We had one of those traveling SIM cards. So, we did have a number, but I was like, ‘Oh, we don’t have one! We’re just here for a couple of days.”

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One of her friends wasn’t in on the plan, though, and ended up actually giving out their phone number… but Stephanie says that she and her buddies “never replied” to him after he texted the phone.

That being said, she couldn’t help but brag about getting Leo’s digits to her friends and family — and even to her then-boyfriend Josh, who seemed to be cool with it, giving an excited, “Sick!” in response to the news.

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