AustinShow joins Misfits Gaming as Executive Producer after 100 Thieves exit

AustinShow joins misfits gamingTwitter: MrAustinShow

Twitch star AustinShow has joined Misfits Gaming as a content creator and executive producer following his exit from 100 Thieves just a few days prior.

AustinShow is a prominent online entertainer, best known for his YouTube videos and Twitch streams. Notably, Austin hosts a live streamed dating show called ‘Love or Host,’ which has become a staple in the Twitch community over the years.

In March 2021, Austin signed on with esports and entertainment organization 100 Thieves, where he created content for two years before parting with the group just two years later.

Now, mere days after his departure from 100 Thieves was announced, AustinShow has joined up with Misfits Gaming as a content creator and executive producer.

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AustinShow joins Misfits Gaming to revive G4TV’s ‘Name Your Price’ show

On March 9, 2023, it was revealed that AustinShow is now part of Misfits Gaming, alongside fellow creator Karl Jacobs of Minecraft and MrBeast fame.

AustinShow joins Misfits as a content creator and executive producer, and will help the organization re-launch production of G4TV’s ‘Name Your Price’ game show, which he notably hosted alongside fellow streamers Will Neff and JustaMinx in previous seasons.

Both Austin and Will Neff will continue to host the show for its forthcoming season, although an additional host has yet to be named at the time of writing.

“From the moment Ben and I spoke about the vision for Misfits, I knew this was the perfect place for me to bring my best ideas to life,” AustinShow said in a press release.

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“In Misfits, I have a supportive partner who supports my craft and empowers my creative vision. Having the opportunity to re-launch a bigger, better version of ‘Name Your Price’ this year is just the beginning, as we embark on an ambitious plan to create more great series and streams together.”

This is just the latest big acquisition for Misfits Gaming after Twitch star QTCinderella joined the group in November 2022 after parting ways with TSM.