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Austin McBroom’s brother Landon accused of “physically & mentally hurting” partner

Published: 23/May/2021 19:03

by Charlotte Colombo


Landon McBroom, the brother of ACE Family YouTuber Austin McBroom, has been accused of abusing his long-term girlfriend Shyla Walker.

In a post to her Instagram story, a tired-looking Shyla posted that she had been “dealing with pure evil people for months.”

“My heart is broken and my soul is so tired,” she said in the post. Alpha Walker, Shyla’s brother, then posted on his own Instagram story. In the post, he accused Landon of taking away Shyla’s car, “physically and mentally hurting her,” trying to take “everything” from her, and trying to “make [Shyla] seem crazy and play the victim in front of millions.”


Instagram: Shyla Walker
Shyla said on Instagram that she was “heartbroken.”

Alpha also said that he would be “cooling off” contact with any mutual friends that still associated with Landon. “When family’s involved and I find out the truth and it’s this crazy … just don’t cross that line and disrespect mine.”

In light of these accusations, two of Landon’s cousins, Alexis and Julianna, shared stories of the former couple’s behavior in a series of Instagram comments. Julianna implied that Landon had left “physical marks” on Shyla in the past, while Alexis claimed that during a trip they all took to Thailand a few years ago, the two had a disagreement over who was editing the video for their joint YouTube channel.


Instagram: Alpha Walker
Alpha Walker, Shyla’s brother, called out Landon in his own Instagram stories.
Instagram: Alpha Walker
Alpha Walker said that what had come to light about Shyla and Landon was “crazy.”

Alexis claims that following the disagreement Landon went home, and that when she arrived at the accommodation the pair was staying at, the door was broken. She also accused Shyla of sending her sister “nasty” text messages and questioned whether “prank” videos where Landon “beat her up” were really a prank.

Up until recently, Landon and Shyla shared a joint YouTube channel, “THIS IS L&S,” which has over 3 million subscribers.

However, in a video uploaded on May 6, it was revealed that Landon would be stepping back from the channel to focus on his boxing career and that Shyla would be assuming full control. There have been no videos uploaded since.


Landon has been in a relationship with Shyla since 2016. Although they briefly split in 2018, they soon reconciled and had one child, Souline Amour McBroom, in 2019.

Neither Landon or Austin have spoken publicly about the accusations made on social media.