Austin McBroom responds to claims ACE Family Fest is a “scam”

Austin and Catherine McBroom filming a videoYouTube: The ACE Family

YouTuber Austin McBroom has responded to critics claiming that the ACE Family Fest is a “scam,” showing viewers what they’ve set up for the anticipated July 9 event so far.

The ACE Family are among some of the most popular family vloggers on YouTube, making regular videos about their lives for their 18 million subscribers.

In April, the family announced that they would be hosting a festival on July 9, The ACE Family Fest, which they described on their website as, “a one day festival for people of all ages starting from noon to 10 pm.” They added that the festival would have a variety of “free games, free rides, free prizes & more.”

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However, after tickets went on sale, some claimed that the festival was a “scam” and that the number of tickets they’d sold couldn’t support the scale of the event they’d planned. Some even likened it to Fyre Festival.

But in a vlog uploaded on July 8, Austin and Catherine responded to critics who claimed that the event is a scam, and revealed to fans what they’ve set up so far.

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“It’s about 20% up right now,” Austin said, with Catherine adding: “20-50% up because we also have like vendors, we have food trucks, and all this kind of stuff.”

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Austin went on to say: “The reason why I say 20% is cause usually it takes them about 2-3 days, they just started setting up yesterday, and they have about ten rides up right now, when in reality we’re gonna have over 30 rides, plus games, plus food, plus vendors, plus everything else.”

He also addressed those who were skeptical of the festival directly: “So, real quick, for the people that said that our festival was a scam or that it wasn’t happening, you guys can suck a fat donut, okay, because it’s happening.”

With the event on July 9, fans are keen to see whether ACE Family Fest lives up to expectations, as commenters reveal their excitement for the festival.

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