Austin McBroom confirms boxing announcement coming: TikTok vs YouTube fights returning?

Georgina Smith
Austin McBroom in front of a boxing ring
Instagram: austinmcbroom / Unsplash: Attentie Attentie

YouTuber Austin McBroom has revealed that he’s got a “big announcement” coming in February, amid ongoing speculation that he wants to set up a second ‘YouTubers vs. TikTokers’ event.

Influencer boxing has become a huge phenomenon over the past few years, with fights like Logan Paul vs. KSI inspiring countless other online creators to step into the ring and try their hand at the sport.

June 2021’s ‘Battle of the Platforms’ event was one of the biggest so far, and saw several popular influencers from both YouTube and TikTok step into the ring to find out once and for all who the better platform is.

Austin McBroom won his headline fight against TikToker Bryce Hall, but as one of the organizers of the event, he also faced some legal trouble after many of the fighters weren’t paid for their work, getting sued by streaming partner LiveXLive.

Austin McBroom next to the LiveXLive logo
YouTube: The ACE Family / LiveXLive
McBroom was sued by LiveXLive amid the fighter pay drama.

Now, the YouTuber has revealed that he’s got big plans for the coming months when it comes to the sport.

In an Instagram story posted on January 30, McBroom wrote: “Stay tuned for big announcement in February,” alongside a clip of him training in the ring.

“The last several months I’ve been working on big plays behind the scenes, dealing with legal plays behind the scenes, all so my get back is unmatched, you will be my witness, stay tuned!” he went on to say.

Screenshots of an Instagram story

Shortly after the first YouTube vs. TikTok event in June 2021, McBroom claimed that a Battle of the Platforms event was “coming soon,” but as of yet, nothing has come of the rumors.

It’s not clear whether McBroom’s February announcement will be for an individual boxing match, a larger event, or something else, but fans will be keeping an eye out for when he eventually reveals what it is.