Austin McBroom accused of begging YouTubers to fight “for free” on AnEsonGib boxing card

Austin McBroom accused of trying to get free fighters for AnEsonGib boutYouTube: Ireland Boys, The ACE Family, Social Gloves

YouTube star Austin McBroom is under fire after a YouTuber claimed he was asked to fight “for free” on the undercard of the upcoming AnEsonGib boxing match.

The ACE Family’s Austin McBroom was initially slated to face off against UK creator AnEsonGib on Saturday, July 30.

Unfortunately, just a week prior to their bout, both Gib and McBroom announced the fight was postponed, with Gib claiming that he had to undergo some health screenings before being allowed to compete.

Now, the influencer boxing extravaganza is facing even more speculation as a YouTube duo known as the ‘Ireland Boys’ have released DMs from Social Gloves that appear to be asking them to fight for an extremely low payday.

Gib vs McBroom fight posterTwitter: AnEsonGib, Social Gloves
Austin McBroom and AnEsonGib are slated to face off in the boxing ring this July – but health issues may have pushed their bout back.

Nick Ireland, one half of the Ireland Boys, claimed that Social Gloves — the boxing promotion company owned by McBroom — had reached out to him with an initial offer to face off against fellow influencer Ryan Johnston.

Nick then asked for the amount they’d be willing to pay him to box… but it seems like their budget was stretched thin.

Messages from Social Gloves claimed that their finances were “really tight” and asked Nick for the “lowest” amount he’d be willing to accept.

“The card is already set but if money isn’t your motivation then we might be able to work something out,” they wrote. “Not saying you would fight for free but the budget is low. What’s the lowest you could get in the ring for?”

Social Gloves DMs Nick IrelandYouTube: Ireland Boys
Nick Ireland shared DMs with Social Gloves, which shows the company negotiating a fight offer with him.

“For the time, effort, and energy and everything that I have to devote to take the fight seriously, they’d have to give me a little bit of a baggie,” Nick admitted. “If they weren’t gonna give me a baggie, I don’t think it would be worth it just for the exposure alone.”

After asking Social Gloves to make him an offer, they then claimed that their budget was “maxed out.” Nick never replied — but says the company released a fight poster for a “potential” matchup between him and Johnston to their Instagram page.

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Ultimately, Nick decided against taking the fight due to the potential of not being paid for his time, relating the incident to the $100 million lawsuit he faced against LiveOne after last year’s Battle of the Platforms.

For now, McBroom has yet to respond to Nick’s allegations as the future of his boxing match with AnEsonGib hangs in limbo.