Atrioc reveals xQc being late for ‘Juiced’ was a “100% fake” marketing stunt

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Brandon ‘Atrioc’ Ewing went live the day after the first episode of ‘Juiced’ aired to reveal that xQc missing his flight and being late for the show was a marketing stunt orchestrated by Offbrand.

On September 27, massive internet star Ludwig announced his new creator agency Offbrand which he founded with three other content creators Nathan Stanz, Nick Allen, and Atrioc.

Alongside this announcement came the reveal of xQc’s live Nickelodeon-inspired Twitch show ‘Juiced‘ where pairs of content creators would battle it out in wacky games and challenging trivia contests. And on September 30, the first episode of the six-episode series would go live, but not without a slight hiccup.

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The show started 40 minutes late, and as far as viewers were concerned, the delay was due to xQc missing his flight. However, Atrioc went live the day after to reveal that the delay was semi-manufactured and that xQc had actually arrived on time.

xQc being late to ‘Juiced’ was “100% fake”

On October 1, Atrioc would go live on Twitch to discuss the first episode of ‘Juiced’ with his viewers since he played a hand in producing the show. Around 14 minutes into his stream, he spilled the beans.

“Let’s just go into it,” he started. “xQc was there on time. There was no flight delay. That was all marketing. xQc was ready, he did rehearsals.”

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Atrioc went on to explain that the tweet from Ludwig stating xQc missed his flight but that they still had his stream key was “100% fake”, and that the show started late because Myth was late to the show.

“Then Myth was late so it looked kind of real,” he continued. “That was legitimately marketing. It kind of reminded me of the first TwitchCon. You want to market it but you don’t have any footage.”

And the rest is history. Ludwig pretended to have to reschedule the show at the start of the broadcast before being pushed aside by the Juicer himself. Myth and Zoil would win the show, and although it was off to a scuffed start xQc and his contestants had a good time.

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