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Twitch streamer Atrioc slyly roasts Dream’s Minecraft cheating scandal

Published: 31/Jul/2021 11:48

by Shay Robson


Former Twitch marketing staff-turned streamer Brandon ‘Atrioc’ Ewing made a sneaky comment about Minecraft YouTube sensation ‘Dream’ saying he has “Déjà vu” while reacting to a cheating video on stream.

Dream, who has amassed 24.9M subscribers was accused of cheating in by the Java Speedrunning mod team in December 2020. Allegedly, Dream altered his game files to give him an advantage during his world-record speed runs.

This sparked a huge controversy, leading to the Minecraft star denying all accusations and launching his own investigation. Dream even hired an astrophysicist to help clear his name, and in the end, it left him doubting if he was truly innocent.


Six months after the initial accusations, Dream released a Twitlonger post on May 30, admitting that he had increased drop rates enabled. Dream also apologized to the speedrunning moderation team, after previously saying they were biased and mocking the investigation that they held.

Dream YouTuber profile picture
Dream YouTube
Minecraft YouTube star Dream has yet to reveal his face.

On July 31, just two months after Dream admitting to cheating, former Twitch marketing employee-turned-streamer Atrioc made a comment while reacting to a YouTube video on how Dragon Warrior III speedrunners used tricks to beat the game faster.

A bug was mentioned during the video that involves changing the memory of the game and using the “Dream Ruby” item. Atrioc was quick to point out that the video pretty much mentioned the Minecraft star, and how familiar the situation was.


“Wow, using Dream to change the game’s code… interesting. I feel like I’m getting some sort of Déjà vu… I don’t know why.” said the streamer, prompting his chat to fall about themselves laughing.

This is of course referencing Dream cheating in Minecraft, and Atrioc isn’t the first to talk about the situation. Earlier in July, PewDiePie also gave his take on the situation, reacting to Dream’s apology video. During the video, PewDiePie says that: “This whole thing could have been avoided.”

The Minecraft star has seemingly put the whole thing behind him but others aren’t going to let him forget so fast.