Atlas has players so frustrated that even stream snipers are getting sick of playing it

The release of Grapeshot Game’s new Pirate-themed MMO Atlas has not gotten off to a smooth start, and now it looks like even stream snipers are giving up on the game.

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After being delayed, the game was finally released into early-access and given to a number of streamers, who quickly discovered along with players that the game left a lot to be desired.

Most streamers moved on quickly after that, and the game’s rating on Steam has been going down ever since release.

Some, like Twitch streamer Sebastian Hans ‘Forsen’ Eli Fors have stuck it out for the content, but it looks like even some of his most dedicated stream snipers are giving up on the game.

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Forsen has managed to work with his stream snipers to turn his Atlas experience into something completely insane, but still entertaining, in a weird way.

But now, it seems like the game’s multitude of problems has worn on the usually resilient stream snipers.

“Ok, you know what? Forsen, we love, like, stream sniping and all that but I think we need to go to a different game, bro,” one of the snipers told the streamer.

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It really says something about a game when even stream snipers get sick of trolling their favorite streamer in it, although Atlas is still technically in Early Access, so it has time to improve and iron out any bugs before it’s official “release.”

To his credit, Forsen hasn’t given up on Atlas yet, which could be one of the first instances of a streamer simply outlasting their stream snipers in a game.