‘Astros mean girl’ apologizes for mocking Jackie La Bonita in viral TikTok after backlash

Girl in white shirt alongside screenshots from tiktok at astros baseball gameTikTok: Litz.Madrigal/Jackie La Bonita

Litzareli Madrigal, one of the dubbed Astros’ mean girls, has apologized after making fun of Jackie La Bonita for taking photos at a recent game as the video went super viral. 

On April 22, TikTok user Jackie La Bonita has the internet rallying around her after she uploaded a clip of herself taking photos while at a Houston Astros baseball game. It even got to the point where celebrities like Cardi B stepped in to defend Jackie

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The clip, which has racked up over 42.5 million views, had users defending her because, in the background, there were two women mocking Jackie for taking photos during the game. These two women were quickly dubbed the ‘Astros mean girls’, referencing the classic 2004 movie, after Jackie used the Mean Girls hashtag on her clip.

While the TikToker turned off the comments on her super viral clip, plenty of social media users tried to out the two girls anyway. Now, one of them – Litzareli Madrigal – has apologized for her actions. 

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Astros Mean Girl apologizes to Jackie La Bonita over viral TikTok

Well, she’s actually apologized twice for her role in the viral clip, once on her own TikTok and another on her Instagram. 

“My actions were completely unacceptable and caused harm to those around me,” Litzareli said in her Instagram story. “I take full responsibility for my behavior, and I want to express my sincere regret for the pain and suffering that I caused.” Litz added that she wanted to do “everything in my power to make amends.”

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Her apology on TikTok echoed that too. “I sincerely apologize to Jackie, her friends, her family, and her supporters,” she added. “After enduring such a difficult ordeal, I want to turn a page to the next chapter in my life. Please, stop being so hateful to my family, my friends, and myself.”

Some users quickly turned things back on Litz, commenting that her apology is “laaaaaame,” just like how the ‘mean girls’ can be heard saying in the video about Jackie. 

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It remains to be seen if amends will be made with Jackie over the clip, but it keeps spreading across social media and Jackie hasn’t posted a follow-up yet. 

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