Asmongold worried ASMR streamers could have negative impact on Twitch ads

. 4 months ago
Asmongold ASMR
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Worried that it’d be a bad look to advertisers, popular Twitch streamer Asmongold weighed in on how ASMR streamers might possibly be impacting ads on the streaming service.

As one of the most popular categories on Twitch in 2021, ASMR had some streamers rocking leggings and “ear licking” their way to impressive viewership. It was a powerful wave that couldn’t be ignored, but due to its own volatility and ability to put creators in jeopardy, it died down.

However, the ASMR section still holds strong and contains a sizeable community that all partake in their streams and also can be subjected to ads, something that for Asmongold is a cause for concern.

Although not small, ASMR has its niche community on Twitch.

Asmongold worried about ASMR streamers’ impact on Twitch ads

During his stream on February 19, Asmongold got on the topic of how Twitch streamers can label their content as “mature” and how it can affect ad revenue.

He identified content on Twitch such as ASMR streams as one of the main categories that, even though they get to be made a “way bigger deal than what they already are” and alongside a handful of other streamers make up “less than one percent of the traffic to the website”, could affect advertisement on the platform.

The streamer then elaborated even further, explaining how advertisers could perceive it.

“I can guarantee you that there have been advertisers that have come up Twitch and said ‘Hey, listen, you know we saw this stream. She’s been licking a microphone? Then why is she wearing yoga pants then? And facing her ass towards the camera? What is this? This isn’t ASMR’,” he said.

The ASMR category has received criticism and has caused certain streamers to be banned in the past based on their behavior.

Only time will tell if Asmongold’s worries about advertisers on the platform will prove to be true.

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