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Asmongold suggests Adin Ross set up “fake” swatting on Twitch

Published: 11/Jul/2021 11:07

by Luke Edwards


Twitch streamer Adin Ross was “scared sh*tless” after a fan reportedly called a SWAT team on him during an IRL stream, but OTK’s Asmongold believes the whole affair was faked.

Adin Ross has exploded onto the Twitch scene in 2021, but with popularity has come controversy. After ‘beef’ with streamers including Ludwig Ahgren, QTCinderella, and Chance ‘sodapoppin’ Morris, he was banned on July 8 for using his phone while driving.

He was unbanned just two days later, after Jake ‘JakeNBakelive’ Abramson, who had been banned for a week for similar offences, had called Twitch out for double standards.

The IRL streamer was in the firing line once more after he was swatted by police live on his July 10 Twitch stream.


But Asmongold is skeptical of Ross’ allegations that a fan organized the swatting, and believes the entire situation to be “fake”.

“Honestly huge shoutout for setting up the entire fake arrest thing, genuinely,” he tweeted, sarcastically.

“Takes a ton of effort to organize and plan, not to mention pull off. Most streamers can’t even manage to go live on time”

Asmon isn’t the first person to accuse Ross of faking the situation, as Ross himself has already pleaded with fans that he would never set up a fake swatting himself.

“I was scared shitless,” he said. “One of you guys called fake cops to come and fake arrest me… But for real though, someone called a real SWAT team during the actual rooftop meetup and whoever did that is a real piece of sh*t.”


This affair is also not the first time Ross has faced accusations of faking incidents for attention. Amid the FaZe Clan cryptocurrency scam, where influencers were accused of “pumping and dumping” the Save the Children crypto coin, “beef” between Ross and FaZe associate Bryan ‘Ricegum’ Quang Le arose.

Streamers such as Hasan Piker then accused Ross and Ricegum of “faking” the beef to distract from the crypto controversy, but these accusations were denied by FaZe co-founder Richard ‘Banks’ Benson.

As we will likely never know for sure whether Ross is telling the truth about the swatting, it’s unlikely that the accusations of faking the situation will simply disappear.