Asmongold roasts Square Enix pushing Metaverse and NFTs: “People don’t give a f**k”

asmongold squareAsmongold/Square Enix

Twitch star Asmongold has hit out at Square Enix’s recent New Years’ statement, in which the company called 2021 “Metaverse and NFTs: Year One”, and praised the potential of the new technology.

Asmongold is one of the big streamers on Twitch who is not afraid to hold back his opinion when he feels strongly about a topic.

He’s hit out at Activision Blizzard and YouTube in the past, and more recently, has been open in his criticisms of NFTs, or Non-fungible Tokens, having called people who spend thousands on them “ridiculous.”

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After Square Enix declared 2021 as “Year One” for the surge of the Metaverse and NFTs , Asmon took to Twitch to share how he feels about the company’s messaging on the topic.

asmongoldjpgTwitch: Asmongold
Asmongold has over 2.4 million followers on Twitch.

Asmongold on the Metaverse and NFTs

The streamer was live on his secondary channel that he’s been using, zackrawrr, when he read the Square Enix letter to his audience.

He touched on his thoughts about the Metaverse and said, “People aren’t really talking a whole lot about the Metaverse, they’re not thinking about it. The main people that are pushing the idea of the Metaverse are the corporate overlords that are looking to sequester and segment away more autonomy of your personal life away from you, and into the realm that they can control, that is being called the Metaverse.”

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Asmongold then asked his viewership to “Do not fall victim to this language. Do not be taken advantage of. This is something that’s being pushed from the top-down, this is something many people don’t give a f**k about.”

He also touched on his thoughts about NFTs, and said: “I think that the idea of it is interesting. However, what’s produced with it is not. It’s kind of like the idea of printer, it’s amazing, you don’t need a printing press anymore with a digital printer. But, whenever the digital printer prints out a picture of a banana, it’s not worth anything.”

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Asmon finished by hilariously mocking the tokens, “‘It was made by this incredible technology! Look at the capabilities! Oh My God! Wow!’ Like, yeah, that’s super cool, but all you have is a sheet of paper with a banana on it.”

While he shared optimism about the potential of new technology in the gaming space, Asmongold doesn’t see the value in it just yet.

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