Asmongold roasts NFT enthusiasts: “It’s stupider than astrology”


Twitch star Asmongold again hit out NFT promoters, this time labeling the new technology “horses**t” that is “stupider than astrology.”

Asmongold has not held back his feelings when it comes to roasting NFTs, Non-fungible tokens, which skyrocketed in popularity in 2021.

He’s called them “ridiculous” in the past, and when gaming giant Square Enix announced their NFT plans, he tore the company apart for it.

Now, he’s come back with more insults for the tokens, this time with a much more elaborate metaphor for his disdain.

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asmongoldjpg (1)Asmongold isn’t a fan of NFTs, and has ridiculed them on multiple occasions.

Asmongold compares NFTs to astrology

The 31-year-old streamer was live on his secondary Twitch account, zackrawrr, when he again hit out at NFTs.

“What’s really f**king upsetting about this is a lot of people into cryptocurrency, it’s guys right, it’s mainly guys in the space. The one thing we had over women was that we could make fun of the astrology s**t. And we managed to come up with something even dumber than that.”

He then called NFTs “horses**t”, calling the mostly-male enthusiasm for NFTs an “own goal.”

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His comments come after a February 1 tweet where he applauded the gaming community for coming out against developers and publishers pushing NFTs onto their audiences.

“It’s great to see the gaming community come out so strongly against NFTs.”

Asmongold continues to take a hard stance against NFTs, and will certainly continue to roast the technology and its fans on his Twitch broadcasts.

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