Asmongold reveals OTK might hire security after Mizkif gets harassed during IRL stream


After a random stream sniper managed to track Mizkif down and harass him during an IRL stream, Asmongold announced their OTK streaming organization might be hiring security to prevent it from happening in the future.

Stream snipers have always seemed to be part of the IRL landscape, but after a recent incident occurred while Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo was shopping for a new Porsche on Twitch with some fellow influencers, that could all be changing.

While Miz was looking at a cherry-red prospect, his group suddenly came into contact with a random stranger who was apparently streaming himself as he walked right up to apparently try and confront them.

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After the sniper tried to engage with the group, Mizkif asked if he was also shopping for a Porsche. Out of nowhere the individual (who sort of resembled a scuffed Asmongold, funnily enough) got confrontational and brought up Miz’s history with infamous live streamer Ice Poseidon.

“Brother man, you better stop pretending like you’re something you ain’t,” the sniper started saying. “IP2 always f*****g wins, let’s f*****g go.”

“I don’t know, I thought that was kind of funny,” Mizkif said after they chased the stranger off. However, before leaving the parking garage, the sniper apparently started to yell a racial slur. Thanks to some expert stream handling by Esfand, who was working the camera, the broadcast thankfully stopped just before catching it.

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The next day Asmongold, who’s a part of the OTK streaming org with Esfand and Mizkif, said on his stream the group was considering hiring security for any future IRL streams, based on the events of the previous 24 hours.

“Yeah it was really unfortunate, we’re gonna have to hire security probably in the future if we wanna do stuff like that,” Asmon revealed. “The stream sniper stuff can be funny to an extent, but the truth is that you never know who’s going to be sniping you, and it’s actually really weird and uncomfortable.”

While he admitted stream sniping wasn’t technically an “invasion of privacy” since IRL streams typically take place in public, they can still be plenty freaky for the target streamer.

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“Imagine somebody watching you on a broadcast, and then triangulating your location, and then driving to your location, in person, to like, interact with you,” Asmongold continued. “That would make anybody I think uncomfortable; it’s funny as a viewer, but as a streamer it’s unnerving.”

As Twitch stars and YouTubers become bigger and bigger celebrities in their own right, it’s likely that OTK’s choice to potentially hire security for IRL streams becomes a trend whenever streamers decide to head out into the real world.