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Asmongold reveals plans to “change things” on main Twitch channel return

Published: 29/Jan/2022 2:52 Updated: 29/Jan/2022 2:57

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Asmongold revealed plans to “change things” when he returns to his main Twitch channel, explaining that he wants to balance his content better and do more collaborations.

Asmon hasn’t streamed on his main channel since his mother passed away. Initially, it was because he took a break. However, he eventually returned to his secondary channel in November 2021 and has been streaming there ever since.

He hasn’t been making money while streaming on there though. This prompted fans to beg him to return to his main channel so they could support him.

He assured them he’ll be back on there soon and revealed plans to make some changes.


YouTube: Asmongold
Asmongold has been streaming on his secondary channel for several months now.

“What kind of content will be on my main channel when I come back?” he said, replying to a viewer question. “I didn’t quit because I was unhappy with the content. It wasn’t like I decided not to stream anymore because I don’t like my content.”

However, he plans to change some things. “I like doing my intro content, but I know other people like watching my gaming content. So, I’ll probably do intros for two to three hours and then do gaming. Other days I’ll do non-gaming content.”

The most significant change he wants to make is doing more collaborations with friends and other streamers. “I want to put more of an emphasis on hanging out with friends and gaming with other people.”


The reason is that he feels like some of his best content has come from them. “I feel like the [best] videos I look back on from three years ago are always with other people. It’s never when I did this one thing. It’s always with a lot of my friends.”

No matter where he streams or what kind of content he makes though, Asmon has no intention to ever quit streaming. After all, he had a good reason to start in the first place and can’t see himself doing anything else.

As for when he’ll return to his main channel, he hasn’t locked in a date yet. We will update you when he sets it in stone though.