Asmongold perplexed after being tricked by “VTuber anime waifu” on Twitch

asmongoldYouTube: AsmongoldTV

Twitch star Asmongold tuned in to a Genshin Impact stream expecting a “VTuber anime waifu” but was surprised when the streamer in question was a guy who turned on a female VTuber avatar to entice people to click his stream.

Asmongold is mostly known for his World of Warcraft gameplay, but he has been always outspoken about the state of Twitch and what’s currently happening on the platform.

During his March 14 stream, Asmongold went through his subreddit and found a thread where one of his fans pointed out that Genshin Impact doesn’t have as much of a presence on Twitch compared to how massive the player base of the game is.

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To confirm this, Asmongold booted up the game’s category on Twitch and looked up the most viewed stream at that time, which happened to be OkCode, a VTuber.

Upon seeing the thumbnail of the stream, Asmongold said: “And I don’t know if this is a surprise to anyone, but the top streamer is a VTuber anime waifu.”

But opening it up quickly revealed that Code is male, not female. Thanks to some amazing timing, Code was just explaining to his viewers that he just swapped to a female model of his VTuber persona to attract more viewers as a practical joke, a joke which confused Asmongold.

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Asmongold tricked by a “Vtuber anime waifu”

Quickly realizing that Asmongold got tricked by the female avatar he screams out “wait, that’s a guy!?”

Meanwhile, in what felt like perfect timing, OkCode was telling his audience about his model swap and how he feels it gets him more views on Twitch.

“This chat. Dude I feel like, having just a swap to a female waifu model gets so much views,” said OkCode. Before Asmongold clicked off the stream saying: “this just ruined my f**ing day!”

Some of his viewers tried to explain that OkCode usually streams with his own male VTuber model but by that time Asmongold moved on, resuming the scroll through his subreddit.

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