Asmongold explains how "immature" Twitch fans ruined his IRL streams for good - Dexerto

Asmongold explains how “immature” Twitch fans ruined his IRL streams for good

Published: 29/Jul/2021 8:57

by Andrew Amos


IRL Twitch streams have been put under the microscope after recent drama surrounding Mizkif, Alinity, and HAchubby at a Shake Shack and Asmongold has chimed in, admitting all his “immature” fans were the main reason he stopped streaming in public.

The drama surrounding Alinity calling a waiter at Shake Shack “racist” for not understanding Korean streamer HAchubby’s order has sent Twitch into a tizzy.

Streamers were calling each other out for their conduct, and the level of drama between broadcasters hit fever pitch.

It comes after a contentious time for Twitch, with this latest controversy coming after the hot tub, ASMR, and gambling streams of the last three months.


Asmongold has tried, in his eyes, to remain a rational voice throughout it all, talking about his own experiences on the platform. However, he was called out in a subtweet from Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel about double standards.

“Crazy how every streamer fights for Twitch to have consistency but when a friend or ‘liked streamer’ is in hot water they go real quiet. Nice consistency, bro.”

Coming out after the IRL streaming drama, Asmongold was forced to defend himself yet again, with the two butting heads a bit as of late.

Asmon spoke from his own experiences doing IRL streaming, and claimed he’d never do it again after his “immature” Twitch fans not only ruined his own day, but the days of innocent bystanders too.


“The reason why I don’t do IRL streams anymore, and the reason why I don’t like doing them is because last time I did an IRL stream it was at Wendy’s and I showed the number of the store on my frame and my viewers kept spamming and they kept calling the store and posting the address of the store over and over,” he said.

“To know me being there caused those people to be harassed made me that uncomfortable that I never wanted to do another one. I don’t want my presence to make their day extremely unpleasant. I think that’s what it would do.”


He also detailed an experience of going for a haircut with former partner Izzy, aka Pink Sparkles, and his chat ringing the salon over and over. He ended up tipping the hairdresser $100 because he “felt so embarrassed and self-conscious”.

Asmon said he was “basically volunteering minimum wage servers working up [to] dealing with bullshit from hundreds of people”, and that Twitch chat is too much of a liability ⁠— whether they are regular viewers or hate watchers.

“These are just people who want to do something funny on stream. They don’t even understand the context of it being bad. They just think that it’s funny and these people are working so it’s not a big deal. Obviously it’s very immature to do this, it’s very bad to do this.


“I try to be as respectful as I possibly can whenever I go somewhere and I’m live streaming. Obviously there are times where I do fall short, and that’s on me because that’s my actions.

“However, I do my best to avoid having that happen as often as possible.”