Asmongold hopes Ice Poseidon drama makes people “wake the f**k up” about crypto

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Twitch star Asmongold has explained why he hopes the recent controversy surrounding Ice Poseidon leads to more people being cautious when investing in cryptocurrency. 

On February 1, streamer Ice Poseidon came under fire for announcing he’d be keeping the $500,000 he accumulated through an abandoned cryptocurrency project called CXCoin.

A video from popular investigative YouTuber Coffeezilla unearthed the potential scam, and Poseidon has since denied the claims he stole money from investors.

Asmongold watched Coffeezilla’s video on his own Twitch stream and offered a positive take on the situation.

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asmongoldjpg (1)Asmongold has been outspoken about crypto and NFTs in the past.

Asmongold preaches skepticism on crypto investing

The streamer was live on his secondary Twitch channel, zackrawrr, when he said he was actually grateful about what Ice Poseidon had done so it could be a learning lesson.

“Here’s the thing, I’m gonna hit people with a little bit of a reality check: You need people like Ice Poseidon. It’s like a Nigerian Prince scheme, who the f**k is investing in CXCoin except for morons?”

Asmon continued: “Regular, average people are now seeing this and they think, ‘Wait a minute, maybe MilfCoin isn’t gonna go to the moon.’ You’ve got to have these bad situations happen in order for people to wake the f**k up. You’ve got every dumbf**k under the age 35 doing cryptocurrency investment.”

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He explained more on crypto, “People have never really thought about, ‘Wait a second, what if this one is bulls**t? Is this a legitimate thing?'”

(Time starts at 6:06 for mobile users)

Asmongold went on to describe how tons of people are going “gung ho” in crypto investment, without a second thought.

He also hopes the general population “smartens up” and stops “being blinded the idea that they can get rich.”