Asmongold hits back at viewers claiming he’s happier playing FFXIV over WoW

. 4 months ago
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Twitch: asmongold

Twitch star Asmongold has hit back at viewers and denied claims that he’s happier playing FFXIV over World of Warcraft after switching up his MMO of choice.

Asmongold is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars on Twitch, and when it comes to MMO’s, there isn’t really anyone close to his standing.

The Twitch star made his name on World of Warcraft but has, in recent months, switched things up as he has dove into Final Fantasy XIV, New World, and now Lost Ark.

However, fans of the MMO star seem to believe he’s happier playing one game over another, but he’s not so sure about those claims.

Twitch: Asmongold
Asmongold has over 2.7 million Twitch followers – putting him among the most followed on the platform.

In his February 18 YouTube video, the Twitch star explained why the endgame of FFXIV is better than WoW. Towards the end of the nearly 49-minute long video, Asmon responded to the claims that he’s happier playing FFXIV than WoW.

“People constantly tell me I seem in a much better mood and I seem happier whenever I’m playing FFXIV,” Asmon claimed. “They kind of project their emotions of being happy that I’m doing it onto me and I really don’t like that.”

While the popular streamer admitted he’s enjoyed playing Final Fantasy in the past few months, he explained he enjoys WoW just as much. “The truth is I love Final Fantasy, but I love sitting down and playing World of Warcraft – I love it,” he added.

(Timestamp at 46:49)

The MMO content creator continued by shutting down claims that FFXIV is better for his health: “FFXIV did not end up being better for my health. In a way it did, but not for the reason people might think. If it was any other game, it would have done the same thing.

“The fact that so many people would support me and wanted to watch me play another game, that’s why it really made me feel good. That’s why I was really happy about it. It was because of that.”

For now, Asmongold will likely continue to stream neither of the games. With the streamer playing the recently released Lost Ark, he continues to break viewership records and is averaging over 100,000 viewers per broadcast.

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