Asmongold freaks out over video of “John Oliver” roasting his hairline

Asmongold/John Oliver

Twitch star Asmongold reacted to a fan edit of John Oliver roasting him for losing his hair and let’s just say, it went about as well as some viewers hoped.

Asmongold has been the subject of balding memes for quite some time. Although it’s painful for him to enjoy, he’s joined in on the fun, even naming his own Final Fantasy XIV character “Asmongold Bald”.

A fan-edited clip of late-night talk show host John Oliver has made the rounds online, and Asmongold finally reacted to it in shock.

Asmongold recently made a return to Twitch after a brief hiatus.

Fake John Oliver clip

In the clip, John Oliver talks and points to edited-in pictures of Asmongold saying, “Wait a minute, you’re telling me this guy is bald? THIS guy? This man right here. You’re telling me this guy is bald. BALD you say? You might actually be right.”

As Asmongold reacts with laughter, John says, “It looks like he kind of grew his left sideburn into a rat tail and..”

That’s where Asmon cuts off the fun shouting, “Okay I’m f**king done! F**k you John Oliver! I’m not watching the rest. The ending was too personal.”

Although the clip might’ve been a bit personal, Asmongold seemed to take the jabs at his hair in jest, laughing along the entire time. The clip was made by Reddit user efeus, and posted to the Asmongold subreddit.

Asmongold is, and forever will be, the king of “malding.”