Asmongold finally reveals when he’s returning from Twitch hiatus

. 2 years ago
YouTube: Asmongold

Popular World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold has finally revealed when he’ll be making his long-awaited Twitch return, after an extended hiatus from streaming has seen him not go live in more than 100 days.

In the last days of December, Asmongold went live three days in a row. Across December 10 to 12, he streamed for over 23 hours combined. He missed his December 13-15 broadcasts, before announcing he would be “taking a break.”

At the time, the streamer offered a time frame for his break: “probably a week.” Nobody was shocked. He and Pink Sparkles had just ended their eighteen-month relationship, and he was dealing with that. He’d be back soon, his fans said.

Asmongold hasn't streamed on Twitch in more than 100 days
YouTube: Asmongold
Zack hasn’t streamed on Twitch under his Asmongold personality in more than 100 days.

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That was more than 100 days ago. Zack was still active on social media, and even hosted the Allcraft podcast revival, but he simply wasn’t streaming. That is, until now. On March 26, the Twitch star announced a return date: April 2.

“One week… streams will resume one week from today. April 2nd. Imagine if I’d said April 1. I don’t think anybody would have expected streams to ever come back. So, that’s the plan right now guys,” the streaming star revealed.

He added he was “so very thankful” for all his Twitch fans who had waited patiently over the last few months. “Those of you that have not, I understand too, it’s been quite a while. I do apologize for that, but I think it’s about time.”

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According to the World of Warcraft personality, he was sitting in his car “talking to himself” when he decided to return. If he was going to talk about anything and everything just like he would with Twitch chat, why not just go back?

“Usually those conversations I have are in the exact same tone as I have with my stream, so I figured might as well do that on camera once again. April 2nd, 9 or 10am, though I might be a bit late. Streams will resume [from then],” he said.

He did add an exception. If WoW’s Shadowlands Alpha goes live, he will “go live the second the alpha goes live.” On top of that, he said that would be the majority of his early streams. “I plan to climb Shadowlands’ highest mountains,” he added.

Asmongold said he'd come back early for WoW's Shadowlands Alpha build.
Blizzard Entertainment
Asmongold admitted he’d come back early for WoW’s Shadowlands Alpha release.

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While many streamers treat their return streams as “big events,” Asmongold said he wants to just do “the usual stuff” during his April 2 broadcast. He’s never been one for big theatrics in his Twitch streams, and this seems no different.

He made that clear in his parting message too: “I don’t plan on making this some big event, anything like that. It’s another get-together with the boys. Come watch, come chill. Thank you for sticking with me through all of this, and I’ll see you soon.”

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