Asmongold explains why he thinks Ninja streaming “everywhere” is a bad idea

Ninja and AsmongoldNinja/Asmongold

Following the news that Ninja isn’t leaving Twitch, Asmongold has given his opinion on the iconic content creator’s plan to stream everywhere. 

Streaming superstar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins shocked fans this week when he announced he would be taking a break from streaming. The content creator left fans completely baffled on September 1 with a cryptic tweet stating he’ll be taking a break and doesn’t know when he’ll be back or where.

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This news obviously shocked both his community and fellow content creators, who believed the announcement was part of a surprise YouTube Gaming deal. However, Ninja has shed light on the situation and revealed that he will now be streaming everywhere

It’s certainly a bold move and one that could drastically increase his following even further, but Asmongold believes it doesn’t come without some major caveats. 

Asmongold on Ninja streaming everywhere

On September 8, Ninja announced that he no longer has an exclusive streaming contract and will instead stream his content everywhere. This includes Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. 

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The sheer amount of reach Ninja could secure from such a move could be incredible, however, Asmongold was keen to highlight the flaws behind this plan, saying, “I don’t really think this is a good idea.”

He explained: “Let’s say you have a livestream on seven platforms and each platform has like 1k viewers, is it better to have seven livestreams that have 1k viewers or one livestream that has 7k viewers? I would probably argue that it’s better overall to have one livestream that has 7k.” 

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The main reason Asmongold believes this, is that it’s ultimately easier for audience interaction. He notes that having multiple streams across various platforms ultimately makes the audience experience worse. 

“It’s easier to communicate with your audience, it’s easier to talk to people, it’s easier to manage, it’s just easier in general,” explained Asmongold. “One thing it does kind of mean indirectly, is that the amount of audience interaction is going to go down tremendously because how is [Ninja] going to read seven chats at the same time?” 

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While there are certain tools that will no doubt help alleviate a number of these issues, it’s something Ninja will have to think about when he takes on his latest venture. For now, though, we’ll have to see how well his streams hold up in the days to come.

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