Asmongold explains why he no longer makes money from Twitch

asmongold looking off into distanceYouTube: Asmongold

Twitch star and MMO sensation, Asmongold, has revealed why he doesn’t make any money from streaming on his second channel. 

Despite his successes as a streamer, with Asmongold, there’s very little flashing off wealth. While other Twitch stars such as Felix ‘xQc’ Lengel reveal $300k cars on-stream, the Texan-based MMO player lives in the quaint house of his late mother, and has spoken about his desire to lead a simple life.

For many fans, this lack of interest in material goods humanizes him. Despite this, he still says he is a “multi-millionaire” due to the revenue that his Twitch career provides.

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In a December 16 YouTube video, Asmongold explained that he actually now earns very little from streaming – especially on his second channel, zackrawrr.

asmongold talking to cameraYouTube: Asmongold
Asmongold’s fanbase have always praised him for being much more down to earth than other internet personalities.

Asmongold reveals he makes no money on Twitch

At the moment, the zackrawrr channel has become Asmongold’s home. In the wake of his mother’s passing, the streamer hasn’t returned to his main channel at all, and instead is mainly creating content for YouTube and his second channel.

When asked whether or not he plans to monetize zackrawrr, he states “I don’t want to monetize the channel. I don’t want to do anything like that.”

“The truth is, I don’t like talking about money,” he continues. “I’m a multi-millionaire, I’ve made so much money off of streaming, and I will continue to make more money off of streaming. I own a company, I also now, unfortunately, own a house. So, I’m good guys, I don’t need your money. I appreciate the subs whenever I come back to my main channel, but I’m not hurting for cash.

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“I could run some sponsored streams on this channel if I wanted to, just to try out some new games that I was already going to play that I don’t think are that good for main channel. I could make plenty of money guys, but I just don’t need to,” he concludes.

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While he mentions that he would do sponsored streams “in case I have kids or something like that,” he notes that “for myself, personally, you guys know I lead a very simplistic life, and I prefer that.

“I do not like to have strings attached to me, I find that physical objects are like a rope tying me down, and as few of those that I can have as possible is going to be my ideal situation.”

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So while Asmon may be one of the platform’s biggest names, he has no real interest in the fame and fortune that’s associated with it – even if he does splash the cash on the odd Chocobo plushie.